YOUR MUM’S A DON is our celebratory love song to mothers. The fact is – being a Mum ain’t your typical glamorous role. But SH!TS!CK says it should be!
Mum’s are the heart of the planet and they’re up against it in this greedy capitalist world.
Your Mum’s been the butt of the joke for TOO long. We’ve all had a part to play in that, and for that we’re sorry, Mum, we were young and confused.
We say NO to taking advantage of women and being complicit in their invisibility!
It’s time to re-notice you’re Mum. Give her a call. Tell her you love her. Play her this song. Not just for Mother’s day, Mum’s are for life.
It’s time for a little less blame and a lot more love.
So let’s celebrate each other, our flaws, our Mothers, and the Mother within us all. YOUR MUM’S A DON DON D D D DON DON!