Fascist Country is our response to Brexit and the rise of the far right. Shocked and saddened by the rising animosity directed towards multiculturalism. Looking back at British history to understand the root of these feelings. Fascism has never had a strong hold over Britain in the same way that we have seen in Europe over the last century. The empire parallels fascism greatly. The accumulation of our country’s wealth through occupation and slavery is the foundation of which we stand upon today. The commonwealth encouraged immigration with no systematic strategy in place to integrate people. Upholding belief systems that enforce white supremacy is why we still face racial inequality today. The Tory government have worsened living conditions for the most vulnerable people in Britain. With huge marketing campaigns to divert responsibility and encourage segregation. Divide and rule is still very much at play in 2019. We scream “We don’t want to grow old in a fascist country”. This is our time to collectively create an alternative future.